About Valerie Winig

Valerie J. Winig is the principal of Wingate Ltd, an interior design and home furnishings showroom in Great Barrington, MA. A registered landscape architect by trade, Valerie bases many of her design sensibilities on moving through space from an outdoor/indoor perspective and vice versa. She asks questions such as: "How does the architecture influence the setting?" "Is there a strong sense of arrival and, more importantly, is there a strong sense of place?" "Does one feel welcome?" And, finally, "How can the interior become contextual to the architecture with which it is connected?"

Valerie’s background includes many years in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts as a registered Landscape Architect working closely with prestigious Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Real Estate Developers and various civic and public officials to effectuate the completion of several urban and suburban projects. Moving back to the Berkshires in 1990 she was a partner in the old Twin Fires of Sheffield, MA and New York City. While at Twin Fires Valerie developed her interior and furniture design skills. Frequent travel to Europe to acquire special finds from England, Ireland and France further developed her sensibilities and aesthetic taste. In 1999 Valerie set out on her own with the establishment of Wingate Ltd in Great Barrington, MA. The selected location was the historic marketplace of the Jennifer House Commons which to this day serves as the "Gateway" to the Berkshires.